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CJ Owiny Dollo Decries attacks on Judicial Officers

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Chief Justice Alfonse Owiny Dollo has pointed out of individuals attacking judicial officers, saying they have been facing death threats which is an interference to the judicial process hence affecting service delivery.

According to Owiny Dollo, there is high increase of disrespect of court orders and interference with execution process by some members of security officers, lawyers and resident district commissioners, warning that they risk charges of contempt of court.

Threats from non and unknown sources. Let me say there are several attempts or attacks that have been made on judicial officers over the years. There is a new form of threats when a judicial officer stands up against corruption, they begin going round to say that is a corrupt judicial officer. They want to really adulterate your character,” said Owiny Dollo.

He made remarks while presiding over the launch of the judiciary Annual Performance Report 2021/2022 at the Judiciary headquarters in Kampala. He also warned judicial officers to refrain from all acts that would taint their image.

According to Owiny Dollo, the budgetary allocation of shs 376 billion has boosted the judiciary’s increment of judicial officers, the expansion of courts of judicature, and a serious reduction in case of backlog.

We intend to make access to the users of justice real, physically littering the country with judicial officers to the most remote place. Justice must be within the walking distance. We believe this can be achieved and we have started on this journey,” he said.

Owiny Dollo said they are creating a robust Inspectorate of Courts which will investigate from the Chief Justice to the lower officer to solve the problem of delay.

If l can have magistrate grade one and chief magistrate in every district, we are going to lower the 2 years cap of backlog, a case should be completed at least within 12 months and upon failure you need to explain in writing why you have delayed,” he said

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