Charles Peter Mayiga Launches Ddimi Soap

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Charles Peter Mayiga has today launched “Ddimi” soap which he called the Buganda soap.

The current katikkiro in the government of Buganda CPMayiga, has today took on his social medial platform a notice informing people about Ddimi soap. He called the people of his land to support their own soap.

“ I have today, launched Ddimi soap. The soap of Buganda kingdom. I, therefore, call upon all the people of Buganda to support the works of Buganda “ The katikkiro posted.

We have so many brands of soap in Uganda. But for the love of Buganda, the katikkiro feels it’s productive to support the works of his people. He has to make sure the Ddimi soap gets to market. #Buy Buganda build Buganda.

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For a long time now, petter mayiga has been the Prime Minister of Buganda. He has tried as much as he can to be a good leader of his people. He does all his tribal works following the norms and values of the Buganda land

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Elijah Mutabuza

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