Catholic Church Collapses, Kills Two People Instantly

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The Catholic Church in Namulemu in Butaleja district in the Eastern region of Uganda has this evening
crumbled with all its wall off to the ground. This left many injured and cut by the iron sheets.

More so, reports from Butaleja district indicate that two people have been confirmed dead whose identities are not yet ascertained as the story develops. The residents from Butaleja attribute the cause to the rains that have just started showering in the region and as well the weak building materials used to raise the structure.

According to the eye witnesses, they assert that, in this Catholic Church  there were several occupants and some have escaped with injuries as the medical team ascertains the degree of injuries sustained.

By press time, the victims had not been identified as thorough investigations are being launched into the matter to establish the victims by the authorities.

This is still a developing story we shall keep you posted on the latest updates as events unfold.


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