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Caroline Marcah set to host ‘Oluyimba Lwo’ on Bukedde TV 1

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The former Spark TV live wire presenter Caroline Marcah has joined Vision Group where she will be hosting an entertainment show “Oluyimba lwo” on BukeddeTV. She will be replacing DJ.Sunna Ben.

This comes after a few months of Caroline Marcah leaving  the Nation Media Group’s SparkTV for reasons that were not clear. She was replaced by Kheem GK who now runs the Cheeza.com TV show which was initially hosted by Mr.Mosh. This left Marcah with no choice but to hit the streets of unemployment.

Bukedde television has today informed their audience about the changes in their team of presenters. They presented Marcah as their new host of the lunch time request show that runs from Monday to Friday at 1:00pm.

“We have made a few changes in our team. We today bring to you this young and beautiful lady Caroline Marcah as the new host of “Oluyimba Lwo” show. What do you wish to know about Caroline Marcah?” Bukedde TV posted in Luganda.

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However, it should be remembered that this is not the first time Bukedde is doing changes in the team. This show was brought to air by the veteran Journalist Mary Flavia Namulindwa who owned the show and most people started watching it. She was later sacked in allegations that she is a strong people power supporter.

To keep the show running, a new host Ajiswag Nabukenya was later employed to fit in Falvia’s shoes. The renowned dancer was also fired leaving Suuna Ben as the new host. Today Marcah is expected to start from where Suuna has stopped.

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