Bukoyo SS Iganga student hangs himself due to depression

The entire fraternity at Bukoyo SS in Iganga district are in utter shock after a senior six student hang himself. The deceased has been identified as Denis Tuke a 20-year-old who hails from Palisa district. According to sources, the deceased took his life after he misused school fees meant for the first and second terms that amounted to about Shs 1.2m. This incident comes at a time when senior six students are remaining with just two weeks to sit their final UACE exams.

Busoga East Police Spokesperson Ms Diana Nandaula revealed that the late used a mosquitoes net to end his life. This was after the school told him to go back home and collect all the school dues to zero balance. Nandaula also added that the deceased left a note behind which said that he had been given the fees but he misused it for unknown reasons.

“He wrote a letter apologising to the school for eating the fees and as he went back to the dormitory, he got a mosquito net and hanged himself,” Ms Nandaula said in a brief telephone interview.

Tuke’s body was discovered by his fellow students of Bukoyo SS who had gone back to the dormitories for lunch. Despite the cause of death being visibly clear, the body was taken to Nakavule Hospital in Iganga District for postmortem.

“Preliminary information indicates that the student hanged himself but as Police we have to go on with investigations to find out the real cause of death,” Ms Nandaula added.

The Iganga District Education Officer Mr Baker Kasadhakawo said the incident was regrettable but advised parents to stop giving students money for banking. This tempts them and they end up using it for their selfish gains.

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