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Buka Chimey Attacks Crysto Panda Over Bino Ebiluma abayaye song

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As it has been a trend in the Ugandan music scene, yet another drama and verbal War has erupted between artistes over song theft, the musicians in question is trending Crysto Panda who doubles as a media personality and musician.

Crysto Panda a couple of days dropped a single dubbed “Bino” (Ebiluma abayaye) a song that has made rounds across the music scenes, however this has compelled a one rapper Buka Chimey to come out and point fingers at Panda over song theft asserting that his song was ‘stolen’ by Panda.

I dropped my song on the 3rd of August and copyrighted it as well uploaded on YouTube, however after a period Panda as well released a similar song, something that is puzzling me and maybe to some extent you would say people want to fail others” Buka Chimey affirmed.

Buka further revealed that him and Panda have known each other for while on top of being OBs sharing the same school during high school however he says trying to take up his project frustrates his efforts.

I have met Crysto Panda before and recently even before he released this very song, as well he is my OB only that he was a class ahead of and our entertainment prefect then but the new development is unhealthy” Buka Chimey revealed this while appearing on one of the local TV stations today.

Keep locked on Times Uganda we shall keep you posted on the latest developments.

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