BUDUDA: Flash Landslides Hit Bududa Region Again 2020

Bududa region in the Eastern part of Uganda has been on an in and out floods and landslides cases. In addition, that have come leaving many people homeless and skirmishes dead. However, this time around again, it is the same story, the same landslides have hit the region again for the third straight time.

According to reports, the landslides have hit Bubita Sub County in the Bududa area. Meanwhile, these have left many gardens, crops, and animals destroyed and killed respectively. Reports of any human deaths have note yet been made and Times Uganda is still following up the story.

It should be remembered that the Ministry of Disaster Preparedness had its efforts to relocate people from the Bududa region to avoid any more deaths in case of more landslides but still, people refused to vacate completely asserting that they were not ready to leave their ancestral homes although some who were left with nothing in the first and second landslides left. Keep it Times Uganda.

As Times Uganda, we feel sorry for the families that have lost their lovely ones and property. We, therefore, call upon NGO’s to intervene and help the people of this region.


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