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BREAKUP Parties Rock Uganda, You Breakup, You Party!

C0VID-19 and politics aside, Ugandans are badly skyrocketing with being creative and being geniuses, and as you read this, we have Breakup Parties on the scene in Uganda. Yes, we may go on to say that with time, our grand children will be saying that “gone are the days of crying, we now party after a breakup”.

Well, we are looking at this general thing and imagine, why on earth would one opt to throw a lavish parties after a breakup Uganda. Not forgetting, with someone they loved so much and literally could not imagine to live without them!

But we have the answers for you, as the initiators of these breakup parties are still dumbfound on giving the exact cause of this, we well know that before a relationship breaks into tartars, there is always a number of trials given to it.

And after those trials fail, an ultimatum is issued for a life of the relationship to either keep standing or vanish in thin air. So after all that is put in place and it fails, we can say, instead of one crying they will call their friends, gather them in a house, and be like….

Breakup Parties

“You know what? that relationship that i told you about, the one which I had peace in, the one which saw me on vacations and romantic dates, it later turned to a crying den. And now since it is no more, let us parrtyyyy” These and more will be seen in the near future as people continue to make things go extreme.

And by the way, who would not celebrate after crying so much because of someone, being broken to pieces by the same people? Let us see where this heads! Till then, keep it Times Uganda for your latest and coolest infotainment vibe.


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Breakup Parties Uganda

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