Breaking: Edward Ssekandi Has Fainted in Dubai

Rumors coming in indicate how former Vice President Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi has been allegedly rushed to hospital in a critical condition. More news coming in indicate that, he reportede fainted at Dubai International Airport.

He was travelling from Washington DC through Dubai when this unfortunate incident happened. These close sources further intimate that, he was in a very critical condition as he got rushed to the hospital for emergency medical attention. It’s not yet clear whether he was on official or personal duties.

However, ever since he was relieved of his duties as the Vice President after he lost his Parliamentary seat, he’s taken a foot off the main political circus in the country. He’s severally been spotted together with his wife having fun away from the noise of the public.

This unfortunate news come at a time when a number of officials related to the 1986 NRA/NRM government have been passing away. Former Vice president Edward Ssekandi currently is 80 years old meaning his health might not be the best as before in his earlier years.

This news is however yet to be confirmed by the either the government or his family. We shall however keep you updated in case of any new developments.

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