Bobi Wine Warns Kenyans About Museveni

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The leader of the National Unity Platform Hon Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu has come out to tell Kenyans to safeguard their constitution from Musevenism. This is after a Kenyan MP known as Saleh Yakub representing Fafi Constituency proposed this.

According to Fafi, the two mandatory presidential terms should be relooked into. The MP therefore thinks that term limits should be removed and emphasis put on age where someone above 75 years can’t contest for the country’s top office. He further said that they will come up with an amendment bill to try and change because the requirement to be in age and not term limits.

This is because if a president is doing a good job, they shouldn’t be limited by term limits. However, Bobi Wine said that Kenyans should be vigilant over such sensitive issues regarding their constitution. The 2021 presidential candidate urged Kenyans to rise up early enough and defend their country from Musevenism.

According to Bobi Wine, this might be one MP making such a ridiculous statement but his is how such things start. He added that it’s how Museveni removed both the age and term limits. Kenyans therefore according to Bobi Wine should defend their constitution before it’s too late.

“Dear Kenyans, BE VIGILANT. Save your country from Musevenism. This may come off as a lone MP making a ridiculous suggestion, but this is how it starts. Exactly how Museveni began schemes to remove TERM and AGE limits. Defend your Constitution before it’s too weak to defend you!,”

According to some sections of the public both in Kenya and Uganda, they believe this is a move being ignited by the Ugandan president, Museveni. This would be to allow his counterpart and great friend H.E William Ruto to run for President in Kenya for about 20+ years as he’s in his early 50s.

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