Bobi Wine Condemns Omah Lay and Tems Arrest

Ugandan musician Robert Kyagulanyi, aka Bobi Wine, has condemned the arrest of Nigerian artistes Stanley Omah Didia, aka Omah Lay, and Temilade Openyi, aka Tems who were detained yesterday at Kitalya prison.

The duo was yesterday remanded together with five others after they were charged with committing negligent acts likely to spread an infectious disease contrary to the Penal Code.

Bobi Wine argues that the government is now playing double standards in a bid to justify its actions.

“The arrest of Omah Lay, the Nigerian artist is not about COVID19. It’s an act of shame by a corrupt government that operates on double standards. The artist was booked, obtained a work permit and performed under police protection, why arrest him?” Bobi Wine mentioned.

He further wondered why other pro-Museveni artistes who have held large gatherings on the campaign trail haven’t been sanctioned.

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Nigerian Duo Omah Lay and Tems Remanded to Prison

“While some Ugandan artists are staging pro-Museveni shows with thousands of people in blatant violation of the same SOPs under the guard of police and the military, a foreign artist is persecuted to cover up the shame,’ he further stated.

Omah Lay and others will return to court from Kitalya prison on December 16th for mention of their case.

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