BOBI WINE: Another Ugandan Kharizma Mateeka Murdered in Mbale

As Bobi Wine Continues to campaign, people are continuously being brutalized by police

Sad news getting to our desk indicate that another Ugandan with a very young family has been allegedly murdered with live bullets in Mbale The deceased goes by the names of Kharizma Mateeka and is a known song writer and producer in the Eastern region.

This happened on the 15th of November, 2020 as presidential hopeful and candidate Bobi Wine alias Kyagulanyi Ssentamu was campaigning in the region. It is said that this whole scuffle started when Uganda Police Force used brutal force to disperse revelers and stop the campaigns from taking place.

Consequently, live bullets were allegedly fired that saw Kharizma Mateeka lose his precious life, leaving behind a young family of his wife and two young kids. This has caused a social media uproar as many were seen vowing to ‘work’ on the police officers that keep using force and killing fellow Ugandans in the ‘struggle’ era.

Kharizma and His Family

Hell nooo, Uganda Police why? this is what you have done to an innocent youth looking for change but you just shot him dead? I swear we won’t forgive you the time is coming we shall hunt for you one by one we won’t even spare your grand kids” a one Allan Plan was quoted lamenting in a tweet.

This happens in a time where Ugandans are massively agitating for the stopping of police brutality on Social Media with the Hashtag #StopPoliceBrutalityUganda.

Kharizma Body


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