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Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool Who Is the Richest 2020?

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There has always been a strong buzz where everyone is trying to compare the riches of the two artistes Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine in Uganda despite them considering different directions. In this case, we are yet to realize, who is the man, who is better in wealth between the two top icons in the Uganda’s music industry this 2020.

Before we roll on, allow us remind you that Bobi Wine last collected money from music a year ago when the government of Uganda and Uganda Police Force frustrated his shows alleging that they were not ‘safe’ for Ugandans. But still, he is still a big name in the industry considering his latest releases like Kyarenga, Fighting for Freedom, Tuliyambala Engule and many more.

Bebe Cool on the other hand, he has been active musically for over 17 years and he has owned, done many things that range from sending his children to expensive schools, doing real estate, record sales and many more. Let us show you the things both own and their net worth then you will judge for yourself who is richer.


He owns a fleet of cars that include a Hummer H2 that is valued between $80,000 to $100,000,  a Mercedes Benz Kompressor valued at around $30,000 and his latest Toyota Land Cruiser VX that is valued at around $75,000 when we look at the major vehicles.

Bebe Cool still, he owns various rental houses in the outskirts of Kampala city the major one being his Kiwatule apartments that are valued at around $70,000 each unit. This same house, it is being rumored that he rents it to those that can pay in dollars not Uganda shillings. His Ntinda house that he also rents is valued to be around $200,000.

In addition to that, Bebe Cool owns Kiwatule Recreational Centre which he bought from his father, Mzee Bidandi Ssali some time back and it costed him a whooping $350,000 and over. He again owns A public address system that is majorly from JBL and Yamaha which is estimated to be costing $30,000.

He also owns a record label called Gagamel International which he started more than 7 years ago and it has nurtured artistes like Rema Namakula, Irene Ntale who are house hold names currently in the music industry and the whole record label has a live band. It is wholly estimated to be worth $30,000.

More so, the singer and ragga artiste owns a jewelry collection which is is said to have items like Rolex watches and more. Items go for up to $20,000.He also on the same note owns a sneaker collection shop and he charges not less than $2,000 to perform on a show or event. In conclusion therefore, Bebe Cool’s net worth and wealth is estimated to stand at $1.6m


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The singer owns a fleet of cars that include a land cruiser estimated at $70,000, a Cadillac Escalade estimated to be worth $75,000 and many more that are valued at $30,000 and a Toyota Tundra valued at $250,000. In these, he ventures in transport business where he has more than 30 motorcycles and taxis that are valued at around $60,000.

Bobi Wine also, has a multi million house built on over 15 acres of land where he stays in Magere (20 kms from city center Kampala) that is estimated at around $$200,000. On top of that, he is into agriculture where he ahs a piggery project, banana plantation that are worth $30,000 in Gayaza.

One Love Beach in Busabala is also one of the major entities owned by Bobi Wine and it sits on over 15 acres of land. it offers wedding reception services, events venue, boat cruises and many more. Estimated at $1m. He also owns a plaza (Ssemakokiro Plaza) in Kamwokya a Kampala suburb that is estimated at $400,000 and an audio recording studio called Fire records and he charges not less than $2,000 to perform.

He owns more property that he does not put in the public eye that are valuable than one can imagine putting in mind a Political Party called The National Unity Platform (NUP). A hardware in Kamwokya. Bobi Wine’s estimated net worth is around $2.4m.

In a nutshell therefore, after analyzing the most expensive properties owned by Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine, after showing you each and everyone’s wealth, we leave the conclusion in your hands to know who is the richest between Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine.

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