Black Market Records Label demands Compensation from Uga Boys

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Black market Records label is an American music record label that helps musicians benefit from their music. They have contributed to molding Ugandan Music.

The CEO of black label Cedric Singleton has today shown how much he is disappointed with the Uga Boys. He says they breached a contract and recorded a song” Gimme” with Ykee Benda. For compensation, the black market Records label has asked for 50 million.

Cedric claims that he fed them and paid for their rent but all they could do was betray him. They joined the Mpaka management even after all he did for them.

While appearing on SparkTV, the Uga boys were asked about the contract with the Black Market label. In response to that, they said that the management owes them nothing. They said that Cedric himself laid them off after failing to maintain them.

“We do not owe Black market Records anything, we did not breach the contract with the company. They promised us, staff, they could not deliver. Their contract was just for six months but they could not maintain us. The CEO chased us himself and we had to find other means of surviving “ They explained.

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So many Artists in Uganda have been signed under the Black Market Records label. Among these, we have Daddy Andre, Nina Rose,Junior Gentle ,Bruno K and many others. They are well known for their good music.

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