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Best UCE Performing Secondary Schools 2021

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Despite the presence of the Covid-19 pandemic, some Ugandan schools were limitless and still
went ahead to produce the very best just like they have always done. No wonder, they made it
to the list of the top 10 schools in the recently released Uganda Certificate of Examinations (UCE),
2020. Here are the top performing schools UCE 2021.

We present to you the country’s giants in the 2020 secondary (UCE) ordinary level examinations;

10. Naalya Secondary School, Namugongo

Known for being extremely strict and always keeping her students on the straight path, the
school comes in at the tenth position. Usually, they say indiscipline can stand in the way of any
man’s great journey.

Well at Naalya Secondary School, Namugongo, they fight to keep the students disciplined but
also with extremely wonderful grades. It is in the top performing schools in UCE 2021.

9. Namilyango College

At number 9 we have the Mukono industry for the country’s perfect gentlemen. Aside from
their chivalrous ways, the gentlemen from Namilyango College are surely known for their high
knowledge base no wonder, their school always ranks among the very best in the country while
others, strive to keep up with it.

8. King’s College Buddo

Initially a school for the princes of Buganda, even years after when the school has embraced a
more heterogeneous population, their performance can not be shaken. Her already strong
alumni body and even that that is still being built can stand to attest to the greatness of the
school as they seem to always produce the best. It is in the top performing schools in UCE 2021.

7. Buddo Secondary School

Coming right before King’s College Buddo is Buddo Secondary School. The Buddo best schools
seem to be out for the lion’s share and may not leave an ounce of space for the rest of the
schools considering their captivating performance.

6. Mt.St.Marys, Namagunga

A list of the country’s best schools would surely be incomplete in case the all girls-Catholic
school did not appear. Ladies from Namagunga as it is popularly known are not only known for
their exceptional character but also their academic excellence which is exhibited every other
academic year.

5. St. Joseph’s Secondary School, Naggalama

Another Mukono district best performer adds to the list of the country’s best performing
schools. The mixed boys and girl’s school has played a fundamental role in as far as ensuring
academic excellence for both girls and boys throughout the years, no wonder it has mastered
the art of academic excellence.

4. St. Mary’s Secondary School, Kitende

Wakiso giants St. Mary’s, Kitende certainly is one if the country’s very best performers as it’s
students always rank among the country’s very best performers. Aside from attaining
wonderful academic performance, St. Mary’s Secondary School Kitende is known for always
prioritizing excellence in sports.

3. St. Mary’s College, Kisubi

All boys- Catholic school St. Mary’s College Kisubi always makes the top three best schools
country. The school has for years nurtured the country’s boy child with utmost integrity which
has ensured a wonderful academic output combined with an embodiment of perfect
gentlemanly traits.

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2. Uganda Martyrs S.S, Namugongo

Located right next to the Uganda Martyrs shrine, the city based school is known for always
producing the best candidates every other year. With a perfect blend of co-curricular activities,
religion and academics, the school produces the perfect definition of an all round Ugandan. It is in the top performing schools in UCE 2021.

1. Seeta High School

The country’s 2021 number 1 school so happens to be non other than Seeta High School. In the
midst of Covid-19, the school has ensured it exhibits a great academic performance ranking it as
the best school throughout the country in the UCE 2021 performance.

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