Bebe Cool – The Wise Know Who Burnt Makerere University

Ever since Big Size Bebe Cool came out of his long political and social silence, he has been relevantly good in analyzing current social and political affairs until came out to have a say on the recent Makerere University fires. These happened twice in less than 24 hours.

In his statement, Bebe Cool chirps that the wise with common sense already know who is setting the mighty Makerere university on fire and he adds that ‘they’ well know who is all behind this. In addition, he says that the major motive is to make people hate the ruling NRM government for bad governance and failure to protect it’s citizens and their property.


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Further more, Bebe adds that the whole ‘project’ is political and it did not go well as the organizers wished (probably meaning opposition after he mentioning NRM).

In a quite lengthy post, he suggests that those behind the Makerere fires should know that they are watching them, a statement that continues to show that Bebe Cool already knows a thing about this.

First, Makerere fire would have kind of supported the intended project though it was obvious to people with common sense based on the materials used to build the block, affected part of the block, It’s height, speed of spread of the fire, police response and other factors.” Bebe started his unclear point.

Makerere Fire
The Ivory Tower Makerere University on Fire

Now a second floor below catches fire after the visit of the First Lady, well the plot is lost now and its unfortunate obvious foul play. But anyway burning buildings wouldn’t make supporters of Nrm change their minds incase that was the point. Lots of politics in play now and we stand to watch” He concluded his ‘wise’ analysis.

Makerere fire
After putting off the fire by the Fire Brigade

This however, did not go down well with him as he received a heavy trolling from his fans asking him to learn tp write correct English and to leave politics issues alone and concentrate on music. Others were seen asking him to go back to his silence as he was recently.


Again, we are actually yet to confirm whether it is Bebe Cool that made the post with that terribly wrong English, or it is one of the admins of his page that probably was high on some drinks to make a clever analysis on the Makerere fires 2020 that backfired.

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