Bebe Cool Stakes 1M Reward to Arrest Viral Child Abuser

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Singer Bebe Cool appears in the news again, but this time round, he is so furious about something inhumane that happened. This is about a very terrifying, inhuman and unspeakable video has been making rounds on social media of a woman battering and beating a child, a serial child abuser.

It is further learnt that this happens to be a maid has been seen in a viral video on social media torturing and abusing a toddler just days after International Women’s day.

In the video, the poor child is seen crying helplessly in the hand sof the child abuser, but all in vain as the maid to continues to enjoy her act. A lot of people in different walks of life have come out to condemn and dismay this act one of which was Bebe Cool who went as far as putting 1 Million Shillings as bounty on the woman who was seen torturing the child.

This is so sad, we just celebrated Mother’s Day and this is what we have somewhere in Uganda,” Bebe posted. He then added that, Uganda should save the baby by handing the ‘beast’ to the police so that she is worked on. He offers 1 Million Ugx to whoever can locate that child abuser.

Lets save this baby by looking for this beast and hand it to the Police. My offer is one million Uganda Shillings to whoever locates her and informs the nearest police. Such cold-blooded creatures only look like human beings but are far from being human beings, no child deserves such treatment, she should have been arrested a long time” Bebe Cool lost his cool temper.


Child abuser Child abuser uganda

This child abuser has not been apprehended yet.



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