Bebe Cool Asks Government to Lift Lockdown on Bars

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The Gagamel boss Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool last night came out and lashed out at government
authorities for always marginalizing other sectors since the lockdown was imposed after partially easing
the lockdown on some sectors that were set to resume operation.

While appearing on NBS TV, the singer revealed that bars are safer than other places when it comes to
the spread of the deadly pandemic COVID-19 since it involves the use and consumption of alcohol
(ethanol) that acts as a sanitizer.


The Possibility of getting COVID-19 in a bar is less than the possibility of getting COVID-19 in
church” concerned Bebe Cool about lockdown revealed. The furious singer further disclosed that if bars are barred from operating yet the government and ministry of health emphasizes the use of the sanitizers that comprises of 70% alcohol which has been approved by the World Health organization (WHO).

Then, the government and authorities should reconsider lifting the lockdown on the bars, Bebe Cool suggested.
Sanitizers are made from alcohol. In bars people are drinking alcohol, where does COVID attack
someone from?” Bebe Cool questioned. Keep it Times Uganda we shall get you posted on the latest development.


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