Bebe Cool Apologizes to Ugandans for Being Arrogant

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Singer Bebe Cool swallows his pride and openly apologizes  to Ugandans for his earlier shared post where amidst cries to free presidential candidate Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka  Bobi Wine who was arrested from Luuka district.

This morning, in panic Bebe Cool posted in apology;

I would like to apologize for the post I made yesterday that made me appear insensitive towards the families of the innocent Ugandans that lost their lives in the riots that took place yesterday. Covid is real and it’s taking the lives of vulnerable people amidst us.

We are in an election period and the candidates who are vying for different positions all seek to have the masses on their side but the reality is that we a living in a difficult and challenging time. For this reason, the electoral commission of Uganda put up guidelines for all candidates to adhere to strictly during the campaigns which unfortunately are being flouted by some candidates.” he started

My candidate President Yoweri Museveni who I have supported and still have hope in is following the guidelines 100%. I on the other hand have been holding processions while distributing face masks and t-shirts. Our opponents started with processions and later switched to mass campaign rallies in open fields without regard to the set EC guidelines and even started holding music concerts which are still prohibited during these covid times.

I know two wrongs don’t make a right but I was only coming out to allay the anxiety of our supporters who were being made to believe by opposition propagandists that we lack support and they have. If I had let our opponents to go on unchallenged, there was a possibility of them causing chaos after election loss claiming the election had been rigged simply because they had crowds and we had gone scientific in order to adhere to the EC guidelines” Bebe Cool apologizes.


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The Uganda police has the mandate to enforce these guidelines and where a candidate goes wrong they are brought to order. What happened yesterday is regrettable and am saddened by the loss of life and property that we all saw. I condole with the families of all those that lost or got a loved one injured in the violence that took place yesterday.

We shouldn’t accept or associate with acts of violence especially because of our political affiliation. The right to associate is a God given right and is enshrined in our constitution. Nobody should take that away from us but during these covid times, gatherings are restricted and we need to adhere to government regulations. I saw women being stripped in broad day light by hooligans.

This is unacceptable and should be condemned by all leaders across the political divide. I saw a police officer being attacked by a hammer wielding goon. How on earth would one do this and not expect retaliation by the armed forces? Let’s not participate in violence. Let’s condemn all acts of hooliganism. Uganda belongs to all of us.”- He concluded.

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