King Fa drops Batijaki new hit

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King Fa a Ugandan rapper, songwriter and recording artiste has dropped a new hit called “Batijaki”. “Batijaki” is a song with only Luganda lyrics produced by Sekret. King Fa gained popularity in 2021 after his viral hit single Sigubala and Kokonyo in 2022, the songs which gained him attention in Kampala. However, the songs gained their popularity in 2022 after covid 19 restrictions were fully elated.

During his music career, King Fa has released various songs such as Kokonyo, Uganda Olemwa, Maama, Jokwatayo, Oje Ompeko, Bakaazi, “Batijaki” his new hit and many more. He started singing in 2019 with several singles where he later released his single Sigubala which was a down town song that went viral sensation on Ugandan TikTok where he started uploading his dance videos in 2018 but later diversify in all Ugandan content.

The Kokonyo singer is said to have a net worth of 8 million Ugandan shillings with an annual income of 4 million Ugandan shillings in 2021 in net earnings and his was projected to exceed 6 million Ugandan shillings in 2022 after his burst to popularity. He is also a Ugandan musician who doubles as a photographer and he is one of the versatile artistes who does rap music, zouk, RnB and raggae music.

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