Balaam Barugahala wants 10k concerts to be banned in Kampala

Events Promoter Balaam Barugahala has asked the government to ban 10,000Ugshs concerts in Kampala. Balaam said this seconding Bajjo’s idea which he had brought up few months ago leading to the festive season. This came after 10 people died on New Years at Freedom City in a stampede which was out of over crowding and disorganization.

As the events Promoter of that show, Abitex was arrested because of the death and other promoters are protecting him saying it wasn’t his fault. According to Balaam, people attended in large numbers because it was just cheap 10k and the services that were rendered to them was worth their money.

Balaam Barugahala said if the money was above 10k maybe Abitex would have done better but because the money wasn’t enough he had no way of doing somethings. Outspoken Balaam said all events promoters should get on one page through their association and set the standard money for shows but 10k is too little for the show.

“I am seconding Bajjo’s idea of saying shows of 10k should be banned. If you sit down and think about it you can see that some things happen because of the little money. Promoters will bring in so many people because they are paying just 10k and few people if they pay more than that with good services. The incident that happened at Freedom City was because of overcrowding which is a result of paying little money. I don’t know why 10k shows can’t be banned in Kampala,” Balaam Barugahala said.

It should be noted that only do promoters want 10k shows to be banned in Uganda, they have also set standard prices for artistes to perform on shows. Most artistes are to be paid less than 2million shillings because they think that is their worth.

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