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Bad Black Admits Prison Nurtured her Into What She is Today

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Shanitah Namuyimba otherwise known as Bad Black in a recent interview admitted that prison
nurtured her into what she is today.

The socialite says that before she went to prison, she lived a reckless life and needed to learn a
lesson which could only be taught behind bars and not in a world where no one has a care. She said before she went to prison her life was characterized by unbecoming behavior as she was found of drink-driving, knocking people on the road and could hardly stay sobbed for a minute.

However, the coolers calmed her temperatures down as she learnt that there's more to life
than spending every single minute with a maximum alcohol content running through her blood

It is for this reason that she thanks Judge Catherine Bamugemereire for making that decision to
send her to Luzira a place that is feared but also nurtured her into a better person that she is

Bad Black is for the notion that a sword can not be molded without heat and hence she needed
the heat and difference that only prijon could offer for her to be a better person for the future.

I like and thank Judge Catherine Bamugemereire because she made a good decision to sentence me. In fact I’m not regretting it. I was okay inside Luzira than I was outside. I would have died if I stayed out because I was boozing a lot, drink-driving and knocking people on the road,” said Bad Black.

Today, Bad Black is a mother and was also recently engaged to two-years lover Asha whom she says has been so dear and loving to her despite her past life experiences that are widely criticized.

To her, it was those four years where she was away from the rest of the world that she got her much needed moment of solitude to make better life decisions and straighten the faults she had previously made.


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