AUDIO: Jenifer Full Figure Undresses Blogger Isma Badly in an Attack

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As war amongst NRM “Useless Idiots” as baptized by Ugandans is taking anew twist, as we have been on JeniferĀ  Full Figure leaving the ruling party. Now she has come again attacking and undressing Facebook Blogger Isma, ripping him a part and exposing his private life.

This started when Isma has all along been ill talking her even in the presence of the president, who Jenifer Full Figure works for. According to her, she says that Isma is a ‘useless’ old man who has spent his poor life begging. She continues to say that he went to Sweden and he failed to get anything there and decided to join NRM for rescue.

Jenifer continued her attack asserting that, she is a rich woman, a landlady, a darling to the president, and above all, she is living a large life. Than the skinny, helpless, lame and old Isma.

This attack follows the one she launched on Catherine Kusasira, Bebe Cool, Balaam Barugahara and others who eat from the State House.

Full Figure Attacks blogger Isma Times Uganda
Blogger Isma Olaxess (Courtesy Photo)


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