Artistes want to know why they are paying taxes – Bajjo tells URA

Events promoter Bajjo real name Mukasa Andrew has told the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) that Ugandan artistes want to know why they are being forced to pay taxes. In Uganda so many business people pay taxes but in the Entertainment industry, artistes have been making money through performing and none of that money has been taxed.

With all that happened during Covid19 where the entertainment industry was so down and running to government to ask for help. The solution URA has found for them is to pay taxes for their work. After URA contacting most of them individually, they also went ahead to post it on social media as a way of reminding them. URA started seriously taxing artistes last month November and this December during the festive season they have gone even harder on artistes.

“𝗥𝗲𝗺𝗶𝗻𝗱𝗲𝗿: to all Event Promoters, Musicians, DJs, VJs and others who earn income from the Entertainment Sector.
File and pay your tax returns this festive season. Failure to comply shall attract a fine and imprisonment. Don’t say we didn’t tell you. #TaxFraudAlertUG

With the pressure mounting on artistes to pay taxes, some of them don’t know the reason why they are paying taxes. Through events promoter Bajjo events, URA should organize conferences for artistes and tell them how and why taxes are helpful because they know nothing about them.

Bajjo said people have no problem with paying taxes the problem is why are they paying the taxes. He said some Ugandans don’t know the importance of paying taxes and that is not a problem because Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) never teaches them.

“Many Ugandans won’t have a problem paying taxes or withholding the 6% payment from artists and performers, but the problem is that entertainers want to know why they pay,” Bajjo said

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