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APOLOGY ACCEPTED – Lydia Jazmine Forgives Mc Ibrah

Lydia Jazmine has forgiven Mc Ibra after the two got a misunderstanding following ruthless comments from the Wolokoso master Mc Ibra.

Recently Mc Ibrah came out and butchered Lydia Jazmine saying, “I haven’t heard of any Musisi yet but if what am hearing is true then it is very bad, I am being told that Lydia Jazmine lost Fik Fameica’s baby and if this is true then it is very bad. Two stupid musicians can’t be together, now Imagine the kind of child they would bring into this world, they are both just cows and I can’t even picture them chewing each other.”

These words have since then brought trouble for the upcoming Mc Ibrah as many came out ranting these statements arrogant. In addition, immature and uncalled for, as pressure heaped on Ibra, Lydia Jazmine threatened to put down his Tv show on Star Tv. However, if he didn’t come out and apologize. This was also seconded by the legendary and almost retired Iryn Namubiru who pinned Mc Ibra for his utterances.

UBC management didn’t look on, it suspended Mc Ibrah’s show and Lydia Jazmine won… The Wolokoso man wrote a statement apologizing to Lydia Jazmine and all those that were concerned. In addition, as we reported to you earlier and as we speak now, the two parties have buried the hatchet.

Therefore Lydia accepted Mc Ibrah’s apology and agreed to forgive him in her own words. She did this in a post on Facebook earlier today.
She said;
Mc Ibra

To forgive is divine. The weak can never forgive because forgiveness is an attribute for the strong.
Forgiveness isn’t approving what happened, it’s choosing to rise above it.

I want to thank all my fans, friends, and family for standing with me all the way and I kindly request you all to please forgive Mc Ibrah because God is the overall judge who sees it all and is always in control.
We have won so many battles even bigger than this. Let’s leave it all to God.

I want to make it clear that who I’m dating isn’t an issue but when it comes to children I’m very passionate and sensitive.
For that matter I was offended with the ‘unborn children’ insults that were uttered for children are innocent and a blessing to every woman.
We all deserve that respect and happiness. Every woman can give birth, no one is exempted from it.

Singer Lydia Jazmine

I look after many kids and I have a dream of having my own children at the right time. No woman deserves this kind of disrespect and treatment.

The bottom line is that Mc Ibrah apologized for his insulting, false and demeaning statements about me.
He promised that he will never at any one point repeat it or ever attack any other person again. I hope the gentleman keeps his promise.

With all that said, let’s spread more love not hate, support, and uplift each other but not bringing one another down and be more positive because we shall all win.

Thank you,
Lydia Jazmine LJ.
God Above All

There are a lot of things to deal with in the music and Entertainment industry of Uganda and the key players in all this are the people that deliver to us, if we keep united then we can overcome anything… Those are my words, not anyone else’s
Thanks for reading, come back soon

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