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Another KIU Law Student Hillary Dies After Peace Kiconco Death

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The Main campus of Kampala International University (KIU) Law school is in great and deep sorrow of now as problems keep piling. This comes in an ugly way on the news of another fallen Law student called Hillary, who finds the fresh wounds of the death of Kiconco Peace still hurting.

One may ask himself that why is it Kampala International University, and specifically Law class? Well, we have the answer for you. At first, it was Kiconco Peace who was found lying lifeless in her hostel room a day ago. Now it is Hillary, who also died last night.

What Killed Hillary?

Hillary KIU
Hillary (RIP)

Very close sources at the Kansanga based university state that, Hillary died of excessive alcohol taking. But this is more likely to be a force from the suspected stress he may have been harboring. The same source reveal that, he tanked a lot of booze and stayed on the side of the road for long.

Until curfew time closked in, and the police found him lying there, they wrapped him in a cloth and threw him under the patrol car. At around a few minutes past 10pm, he worsened and was rushed to Nsambya hospital, where he died on the way.

Hillary has been doing his Masters in Law (LLM International Law) at KIU. His death though, is still a mystery since no official report has been made as of now. The police will do that, we wait.

Then, What Killed Kiconco Peace?

Kiconco Peace
Kiconco Peace (RIP)

On the other hand, it is widely believed that Kiconco committed suicide after a huge disappointment from her lover. Others say it is COVID-19, but a Covid patient doesn’t leave a note behind before death. In the note, she asks why she can not die after all the World is full of disappointments.

What If I die today? the earth is full of disappoints” the note from Kiconco Peace partially read. She was a Law student also at KIU.


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