Anele Nellie Tembe Father Reveals What Killed Her, Not Suicide

South Africa’s Anele Nellie Tembe, who was reported to have passed on on 11th April was buried on 16th April where the dad’s statement shocked everyone.  It was first alleged that Anele committed, but her father reveals what exactly killed her, which is not suicide.

While paying their final respect, which was held at Durban International Conference Center. A family friend Sandile Zhungu managed to read the tribute to the audience where Tembe’s father Moses Tembe revealed that her daughter is the last person he thinks can take her life.

He said that, Anele Nellie Tembe loved herself so much and she had goals which she really wanted to complete and more so living was not a challenge to her.

Not a single member of my family would have associated Anele with Suicide, living would have not been a challenge. On the contrary, Anele loved herself so much that she wanted to live more rather than less. As her father, I hereby state categorically that Anele was not suicidal nor did she commit suicide” he noted.

In his tribute he also went ahead an advised people on how to handle some situations in life. He says one must have a matter of extreme priority, one needs to deal with scourge that bedevils the youth to over using alcohol and drugs.

This literally means that, Anele Nellie Tembe was killed by either drugs, or the influence of alcohol led to her death.


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