Am Tired of Your Lies – Nina Roz Cries in New Song Mbikooye Ft Oliqi Ranking

Social media in laws started from day one, to prophecy doom to Nina Roz and daddy Andre’s relationship, from their introduction day. And many, were overheard cursing that it was to ”end in tears”. And with in a twist of things, Nina Roz covering under a one Oliqi Ranking official have dropped Mbikooye song.

Mbikooye is a breaking up song, that is full of tears, rage and mistrust, where Nina Roz begs her love that if he loves her like he says, he should stop telling her lies. She goes on to pour her pain out that she is completely tired of his infidelity.

Spending all day with other girls, yet they have come from far where they did not have anything like money. In this song, Nina continues to assert that no ‘good player’ that deserves a good prayer! But what does this Mbikooye song put in the picture?

Well, when we put Daddy Andre on the table, having his previous history with infidelity, how his ex lovers have been crying for him. We completely see that this is the very story Nina Roz has brought up. But we can not judge the two love birds’ love story or stand by this song.

Mbikooye audio was produced by the man himself Daddy Andre, and it should be remembered that the two love birds are all signed under Black Market Records. On the other hand, Oliqi Ranking spiced up the song with his strong vocals. The singer has a monster tune called Kibanda.


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