Akalulu Free Mp3 Download by Khalifah Aganaga

After singer Khalifah Aganaga was denied a party card to stand for the Member of Parliament by NUP party under Bobi Wine, Khalifah opted to open live bullets to the ever growing political party. The singer, went on to some televisions and started to openly de-campaign the party he was once fantasizing and now he has released Akalulu song.

However, after denying him the party card, he did not stop campaigning and we are reliably in a know that the singer will come in through on an independent ticket under the People Power movement. Akalulu (vote) song comes in to find his latest release of Kiboko Remix where he praises the incumbent president, Museveni Yoweri and advises voters not to vote Bobi Wine that he is ‘fala’ translated as ‘hopeless’.

In Akalulu song, Khalifah Aganaga tells whoever wants to care that people from NUP are abusing him badly and have made him hate his country Uganda. He continues to caution every political party that everything will end from the voting. He is confident that even if he is facing massive abuses, even if ‘they speak a lot’, he will still win NUP candidates in the vote.



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