AIGP Asan Kasingye Joins Birungi Charities on the PadThruCovid Campaign, Donates Big

One of the most loved and pro people police officer, president Ugandans on Twitter, AIGP Asan Kasingye keeps manifesting his golden heart. This time round, it is not about his up-close and personal tackling of pressing issues of the public, but it is through charity, as he joins Birungi Charities to donate pads in the PadThruCovid campaign.

He used his social media accounts to announce how he donated over 40 pieces of reusable pads towards the current PadThruCovid campaign. This campaign is ran by the second most influential person on Twitter Esther Birungi. Which was started last year to support the unable girls to get pads.

This is a boost from the AIGP as currently the Birungi Charities, a charity foundation led by Esther Birungi is looking at donating more than 300 reusable pads to the girls of Masaka and Mpigi districts on the 27th of March to see the girls go through their red times safely.

The Genesis of Pad Through Covid Campaign (PadThruCovid)

When the lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic kicked in in Uganda, many people were left jobless and broke yet the basic needs remained constant. This pushed Esther Birungi to start the campaign of distributing pads through her Birungi Charities to women and young girls that could not afford them during their red times.

The campaign started last year 2020 and ever since then, she has visited girls and women from places like Kamuli, Kaliiro, Luuka, Bushenyi, Kawempe, Karamoja region and many more. On the course of the campaign, the Birungi Charities has attracted numerous partners including beverages making giants, Coca Cola Africa and many more.

Upcoming PadThruCovid Masaka, Mpigi


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