A 33 Year Old Man Kiwanuka Nicholas Commits Suicide, Leaves a Very Touching Note Behind

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Monday evening was a bad day for the People of Nkose Landing Site in Mazinga Sub County Kalangala District. This happened when one of their own fisherman Kiwanuka Nicholas aged 33 hanged himself from his small room and left a very sad and touching note that made everyone cry.

Before hanging himself, he left his relatives’ phone number so that they would be contacted after finding him dead. In the same note, he apologized to his neighbors for having sent them to a shock of their lives. But he was confident that he was going top find his late mother even though she may not be able to remember him.

Since she died when Kiwanuka was still a kid. In addition, it is further established that, Kiwanuka Nicholas was infected with HIV/AIDS and it is one of the reasons he may have taken his life off. He said that, he had seen enough suffering on earth, thus he needed a break from this Earthly life.


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What pained the residents ,most, is that the deceased never had a wife nor children, he lived his life alone and left it the way he came in it.

I have gone back to my Mother whom I don’t think remembers me, I have neither wife nor child in this world. Fellow residents, I’m sorry but I no longer deserve to suffer in this World” Kiwanuka Nicholas wrote.

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