30-Year-Old Man Commits Suicide after Testing HIV Positive

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By the end of last year, there have been several cases reported as a result of suicide with the numbers increasingly growing monthly to over 300 cases as per last year’s police record.

Since the eruption of the global COVID-19 pandemic, several people have taken up their lives with different reasons and other associated issues both here locally and globally.

This morning, a 30-year-old man identified Odongo Samuel has just been confirmed dead after jumping off a ferry on Lake Kyoga when he tested HIV/AIDs.

The victim jumped off the Namasale ferry in  Amolatar district on the ferry that was sailing on lake Kyoga after discovering that he had contracted HIV/AIDs and had no future hopes.

The late Samuel Odongo has been a resident of Naveo Parish, Namasale sub-county in Amolatar district, he is said to have made several calls to his close relatives asking them to care for his pregnant wife just in case his life doesn’t see another day.

However, in a recent survey, the police have affirmed that there has been a big rise in the cases of suicide with the majority of cases reported from Eastern Uganda districts in relation to stigma and poverty.

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The reported death of Samuel is the second one in just a space of three days just after the former Budadiri West  Sironko district MP aspirant  Amani Magombe hanged himself on an avocado tree.





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