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3 Ugandan celebrities that have suffered from drug addictions

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Drug addictions are a disease just as severe as many other ailments that people suffer in society. This is because they have both mental and physical effects on people hence deteriorating their health status.

On the other hand, it is a secret no more that our music industry has suffered diverse impacts thanks to drug addictions. Here are three Ugandan celebrities that have surely faced it rough due to their drug addictions:

  1. Jackie Chandiru:

Starting out as part of the Blu*3, Jackie surely was a star shining so bright that nothing could turn her lights down. Even after departing from the Blu*3, her solo career was doing well and landed her collabos with artists from all over Africa.

However, all this came to ruins once she got addicted to drugs. Everything started going Southward and the icing onto of the cake was a break-off from her longtime lover boy. Jackie was devastated to say the least but there was no stopping as things kept getting worse.

Even after being admitted into rehabilitation, she still had a relapse which only delayed her recovery process further. By this time, the impacts of the drug had manifested on her skin drowning the life out of her.

At a time when the world turned their backs on her and there seemed to be no hope, she found reason to fight. Fight she did and from the brick of death she got back on her feet. Currently, Jackie is getting her life together and she has decided to discourage young people from consuming drugs.

  1. Cute Kay:

Having started off as a potential big star in the Uganda music industry, it was really tragic to watch how fast he went down the slide. Cute Kay’s life totally went from a fast rising star to a quick falling ball.

It is almost like gravity could not push him down the stars any slower. In the early 2000s, Cute Kay was in deed celebrated with his songs that told someof the contemporary challenges such as a woman’s adultery with his best friend.

However, Cute Kay’s success was ambushed by an addiction to drugs. After a long period of staying out if the media eye, he later reappeared as the fallen star who had stolen car headlamps.

Unlike his previous good looking self, Cute Kay looked like he had just walked a journey of ‘000 miles and still had ‘000 miles ahead of him. That’s what drug addiction does to your body as well as impairing your judgement.

  1. Rocky Giant:

Just as his name goes, Rocky Giant was indeed a giant in the music industry as he had made a name for himself. Just like society usually likes to believe, we all thought that the singer has decided to take a break away from the media scene, oh! How wrong we were.

Following a long period of silence from Rocky Giant’s side, we were awoken to the shock of learning that the artist was in such bad shape following the grave impacts of drug addiction.

His family at the time sought money to help cater for his medical bills and also take care of some of the debts the musician had already accumulated meant to sustain his addiction to various narcotics.

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Such is what drug addictions do to ones life and it is surely said that it is better not to try something because once you do, it will be hard for you to stop and change your life for the better.

The world has already lost many great people thanks to drug addictions such as Whitney Houston, Brenda Fassie among many other. Therefore, don’t add to the already long list of drug addicts, it only kills you and leaves holes in the hearts of those that love you.

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