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2021, the year Lydia Jazmine inevitably fell in love

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It all started with a collaboration between “tumbiza sound” singer Eezzy and Lydia Jazmine in the “mega” song and since then, it has been all roses and daisies for the singer who cannot express her love enough.

Although we all took the lyrics jokingly when she said she would stick with her lover like the birds of a feather, Lydia was certainly not joking at all as she kept sending him love dripping messages.

In case “mega” was not elaborative enough in bringing out her message, the sensational singer surely combined the magic of her voice with the charm of words in the “I love you bae (A-Z) song, there was no doubt Lydia was sending this message to someone at this point.

No wonder, she went on to wish her love bird a lovely night when she and Rickman in a stunning collaboration produced “goodnight” in which the two fell in love dragging their listeners along with them.

Most recently, her feelings were laid out in her joint venture with Grenade official to announce that their “feelings” have grown due to a certain someone that neither of them is willing to disclose to the public.

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Even if it is usually characteristic of Lydia Jazmine to produce such romantic music, there’s no denying that the singer is surely outdoing herself this year with a special emphasis on a certain message to a certain someone.

Despite the fact the Lydia Jazmine has not been known to be in an affair with anyone, it’s obvious that the singer probably long gave her heart to someone right from the point where she sang “masuuka,” stay tuned as we keep tabs on one of Uganda’s finest female musicians.

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