14 people confirmed dead in the bomb explosion in Mpondwe Kasese district

There was a bomb explosion in Lhubiriha, Kasindi about 4km from Mpondwe Uganda border. This terrible explosion happened in one of the area churches called CEPACE near Gonja market. As we report this more than 14 people have been reported dead and a number of unknown people rushed to the hospital for further treatment. Until now, no one knows how this happened but a lot of people who had gone for prayers have got terrible injuries on their bodies, some of them, their legs have gone off in this sudden explosion.

Since the explosion has taken place in the areas nearing the Uganda boarder, it is alleged that terrorists from Cong called Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) might have done this. But no right information has been given out about the incident. However such kind of bomb explosions have been seen in different parts of the country and most remembered one is that happened in Lugogo in 2010 as people where watching the world cup finals of that. In that very incident many Ugandans lost there lives, others lost their different body parts and many got traumatized.

This very kind of a bomb explosion has happened in the time no one could think of a kind of sudden incident basing on the fact that people had gone for prayers. Unfortunately no one in that time could sense that something couldn’t be good the area. However, police has gotten to the scene and very soon they are going to give us reports about the explosion in the Kasese area. But let’s continue praying for the families of the people who have been involved in the explosion and the victims as well.

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