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Zari’s Toy boy Shakib Lutaaya Nursing a Broken Heart

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If you are dating socialite Zari Hassan, you always have to brace yourself for the worst because of her numerous exes just like Shakib Lutaaya. She’s dated numerous men but among these, Diamond Platinumz stands out. This is because she shares two kids with the Tanzanian Bongo flavor singer. And the two usually cross paths in their co-parenting.

In fact, they have always left people guessing whether they are still dating because of the way they behave around each other. Zari however a while ago put the rumors to bed when she revealed that they are simply friends and co-parenting brings them together.

She even proceeded into another relationship with a much younger man known as Shakib Lutaaya. However, Shakib might have been left sobbing uncontrollably in his bedroom over the weekend. This is after Zari jetted to Kenya where Diamond Platinumz was together with their daughter Princess Tiffah who was celebrating her 7th birthday.

The Tetema singer in a video that made its way onto social media can be seen embracing Zari so tight. Zari also makes no attempt to flee this embrace as she seems enveloped in it and loving it so much. The two seem to have enjoyed each other’s company so much and whatever happened behind closed doors, we just don’t want to anticipate. It might send Shakib into a mental breakdown.

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We can however only advise him to be wary of his beau’s continued worrying closeness to her ex-Diamond. The Wasafi Records boss is a known sharpshooter which even earned him a nickname of Father Abraham because of his bedminton skills. Shakib Lutaaya might just end up like Galaxy FM’s Mr. Henrie who got dumped by Prima Kardashi after she started co-parenting with her ex, singer Geosteady.

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