Winnie Nwagi Finally Gets her Passport

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Swangz Avenue singer Winnie Nwagi was in the news a few days ago after she got humiliated by security officials at the Ministry of Internal Affairs. This saw her dominate the headlines for quite some time. The Ministry officials came out to reveal that the Malaika singer was chased away because of indecent dressing.

Among the people that got rubbed the wrong way by this act was her father. He came out in the news to defend her by saying that it seems there is someone trying to sabotage her. Besides he didn’t see the problem with what her daughter was putting on. As some people were defending Nwagi, others were ferociously condemning her.

The beautiful and curvaceous Nwagi has however had the last laugh. This is after she took to a social media video to show off her passport which was renewed by the Ministry and handed to her.

She also revealed what exactly happened to her while attending fellow musician Karole Kasita’s listening party. Nwagi revealed that she left her home initially going to the gym. However, on the way she received a phone call from her manager urging her to go and renew her passport.

Winnie Nwagi decided to pass by in her gym wear which she didn’t know violated the dress code of the Ministry. On reaching there, she got shocked by the way she was treated by the security personnel.

However, her team finally helped her to renew her passport which is now in her hands. But still, the defiant Winnie Nwagi has refused to apologize for her unbecoming manners.


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