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Why More Boys Were Admitted on Government Merit than Girls at Kyambogo University 2021

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Out of the 389 students who were admitted on government merit at Kyambogo University, only
127 girls which is less than the total number were in position to qualify leaving the lion share of
262 to the dominant male students.

Many people would raise eye brows and wonder why the situation is as such yet both genders
are presented with equal learning opportunities and similar learning environments. So here are
some reasons why male students dominated the list:

More male students attained advanced level education. Unlike Primary Leaving Examinations
where more female students register, more male students register for the Universal Certificate
of Advanced Examination which at the end of the day reflects on admissions to the university.

Secondly, male students performed better than females. Since male students performed better
and government merit is based upon academic excellence, they will surely have higher chances
of landing the sponsorship that female students do while joining the university.

Although many more reasons contribute to this, these are the key reasons as to why more male
students were admitted on government merit at Kyambogo University. Among the other
reasons could be;

Kyambogo University is dominated by science courses. Since the university is dominated by
science courses that are usually done by male students, it’s intake is dominated by male

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All in all, the ratio of gender based students in take at the Advanced level of education plays a
pivotal role in as far as students’ admission to Kyambogo university on government merit is concerned.

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