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VIDEO: Pr Kayanja and Ssenyonga Will Die First For Me to Get Back With Teddy – Pastor Bujingo Roars

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As we you can all remember the feud between House of Prayer Ministries Pastor Bujingo and now
estranged wife Teddy Naluswa hasn’t knocked off since their separation. Now Bujingo has come out to inform that for him to get back to his wife, Pastors Kayanja and Ssenyonga will have to die first.

This comes after Teddy Naluswa now turned Pastor revealed that she hasn’t given up on her marriage
and she still loves her now frigid husband. She said these are the teachings she comes to young single
women and already married women that she pastors in her new found Church which she deemed fit to
host at Bat valley where they initially started from.

The feud between these two started when Pastor Bujingo confessed his love to his courtesan Susan
Makula whom he praised for having added value to the women and girls in House of Prayer Ministries. It
didn’t stop at just confessing his love but turned into an embittered battle over who should have
custody over the children.

Being the bearer of the children Teddy decided to make it a family court matter since the church and its
elders had failed at their job. On various accounts Pastor Bujingo was a no show to these court
proceedings since he had a sheep to herd at House of Prayer Ministries.

In his response to the revelation made by his legal wife Teddy, Pastor Bujjingo swore to his congregation
who seemed jolly and content about the situation.

Even if God was to come down from heaven, I can never get back with Teddy. Unless Pastor Kayanja
and Jessica and Pastor Ssenyonga and Eve were dead then I would reconsider.” It should also be
remembered that at different occasions these two pastors expressed their dissatisfaction about Pastor
Bujingo’s decision.


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Pastor Kayanja went ahead and organized prayer and fasting for the Pastor Bujingo while Pastor Ssenyonga who has been at loggerheads criticized him for such a decision.

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