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VIDEO: Jose Chameleone Cries in Church, Narrates Touching Story of How he Broke his Legs

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While appearing at the Nansana based The Worship House that is led by Pastor Wilson Bugembe, Jose Chameleone was the celebrity of the day to read and preach the word of God to the Christians all over the globe that watch and follow Bugembe’s sermons. But before he went on, he was asked what he can thank God for, he instead broke down and started sobbing profusely..

It all started at church when Pastor Bugembe asked him about that top thing he thinks God has done for him in his life that he thinks he would not be the Jose Chameleone he is now if it wasn’t God’s hand. He started by saying that he had lost his legs when he fell from the 3rd floor of a hotel in Tanzania and both his legs were crashed and went to cries. He didn’t have any hope of walking again; his dreams had literally died in a flash.

From this time, he started crying and sobbing so hard and then added that it is because if God that he is still standing with his legs. He gave an example of his late brother AK47 who fell in a bathroom and died where as he fell from third floor and he didn’t die although people took it for jokes that he was telling lies.

I fell off from a flat in Tanzania and broke both my legs, i didn’t have hopes that i would ever again walk, but i am standing. Many of my friends i will give you an example of my late brother AK47, he fell in a bathroom and died but it was the grace of God” sobbing Chameleone asserted.


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It is on the sermon that Jose Chameleone talked about the origin of his name Chameleone and he surprised masses when he told church that he prays everyday and has never been in any witchcraft deed as everyone knows him to be. He tipped on the fighting habit that he is known of, and he simply said that every stage of human growth comes and goes with its own habits, that he is a grown up man.


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