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VIDEO: Is Ritah Kaggwa Arrested? Truth Here

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News coming to our desk indicate that, renown social media blogger Ritah Kaggwa has been arrested. This is according to a video making rounds on social media. In this video, she seems to be in a closed place, but recording herself and speaking to the World.

This Ritah Kaggwa being arrested news has caused a stirr on social media and many have decided to refute the authenticity in the video saying that it may be a publicity stunt. In this video, Ritah Kaggwa says that she had been ‘besieged’ by security men, and that the British High Commision checked the list of the wanted Ugandans in the UK and she was not there.

She continued to say that she is ‘safe’ with three more young kids who she says she was besieged with them along. On the same note, she said that she was not handcuffed like a criminal, only that she was put on a kind of arrest by 20 police men as they keep on calls and seek help from the UK authorities.

Am extremely safe, they’ve checked and did not find me anywhere on the wanted list, so when i go back i was given a list of lawyers to contact and they have been on the call with me ad they are aware that we were besieged” part of Ritah Kaggwa’s video says.

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It should be however noted that, Ritah Kaggwa came back to Uganda recently after more than 5 years of not coming back. She got a mixed welcome that involved trolling and genuine welcome, and now it was her time to go back and this happened.

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