The Artistic Impression of the New Prophet Kakande Synagogue Church Shock Christians

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Believers and Christians have been left in complete utter shock after landing on the artistic impression of the proposed Man of God, Prophet Samuel Kakande Synagogue Church of all Nations. This did not only shock people, but also the constructing of this palatial self contained Holy Church at Mulago did the more shock.

It is believed that this holy church is expected to be the biggest in East Africa that will be sitting more than 200,000 church goers. This plan as published, is more so believed that many events will be taking place from there, not only prayers and miracles.

This unique gigantesque Heaven-like Church is expected to have a Shopping Mall that sells only holy items like Holy Synagogue Cafe, the selling point of items like the holy rice, holy anointed oil,  among others. We are set to see the prayers and presence of God come down live and be witnessed tangibly.


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It should be remembered that Prophet Samuel Kakande rose to fame through the performance of unbelievable miracles, which later led to always full to capacity church services. He then, extended his services to city centers and put up huge screens displaying his miracles, something that made him more of a darling in the hearts of people.


His Synagogue Church of All Nations located in Mulago at Ku Bbiri, has ever since been a home of the hope less, rendering them hope again. This new Synagogue Church by Man of God, Prophet Samuel Kakande, is set to swallow a whooping over $500,000 according to close sources.

Back view of Synagogue Church of All Nations


Born, Samuel Kakande, he later got the title ‘Prophet’ after becoming so continuous with his miracles performances. He is the lead pastor at the Synagogue Church of All Nations located in Mulago.

He is a father and has divorced up to five women in his life.

He is a prophet whose major work is to preach the gospel, pray for the sick, solve people’s problems and develop communities. His church currently has over 20,000 people.

He is a farmer as well, owning the famous rice farming project where he harvests the rice he sells to his followers as ‘holy rice’. Kakande is as well a famous and successful businessman dealing in the transport industry, owning  a media house and others.

He has been one of the most criticized pastors/prophets in Uganda, but having his faith on a hard rock, he has not been shaken either, his mission of delivering the word of God has not been blocked by just attacks.

Referred to as Nabbi Kakande as his nick name, he has ever been rumored to be dead, something that strongly shook his followers and his stand as a church leader.

Front View of Synagogue Chruch of All Nations


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