SK Mbuga Ditches his wife Vivian Birthday Party

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City tycoon, business man and STV boss SK Mbuga continues to face family problems. This came after he refused to attend his wife’s Vivian Mbuga birthday party something that has never happened before.

SK Mbuga married his wife Vivian in 2016 in a beautiful ceremony but after their marriage Mbuga was arrested in Dubai in 2017 where he spent four years and was released in 2020.

Before SK Mbuga married Vivian, he was in love with singer Leila Kayondo for a long time and few months of their break up he decided to marry. It is said that SK Mbuga married Vivian when he was still in love with Leila Kayondo because of recent, Leila exposed Mbuga saying he is always showing up to her apartment and sending her money.

Although Leila apologized, she said she didn’t lie about anything, SK Mbuga was always coming to her place something that put his marriage on to tension. Every year, SK Mbuga organizes a birthday party for his wife Vivian but this year Vivian did everything on her own and Mbuga didn’t show up.

When Vivian was asked why her husband is not showing up she said he already gave her a gift she wanted which is land in Buziga she doesn’t need anything at the moment. Vivian said there is no tension in her marriage, she is happy with her husband and children’s people should stop putting their noses into her family.

I am here happy celebrating my birthday. My husband hasn’t showed up but I am happy he got me the gift I wanted already which is land in Buziga. I don’t think he needs to really show up. I am having fan and everyone here is celebrating me just leave Hajji (SK Mbuga) alone,” Vivian Mbuga said


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