Owor Paul a Politician with a heart of Gold

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Owor Paul also popular as @Hustleking01 on twitter, is a twenty-nine year old politician. In addition, and musician who has won hearts of most tweeps after his selfless and generous donations to the less fortunate. For instance that were in alarming need of help during this endless lockdown.

He can stand as the 2020 knight in a shinning armour after he rescued famous tweep “Ka Malaika” from her daily ordeal of transporting Irish on a boda boda. In addition which is not only hectic but pocket draining due to the drowning prices induced during this lockdown period.

What started out as a deal with “Ka Malaika” to earn her a car if she successfully earned 1991 retweets in a span of 24- hours ended with the Kampala assailant being a successful owner of a Sienta.

“1991 retweets in 24 hours and I will buy you a Sienta”. He sincerely promised and later fullfiled as he congratulated Ka Malaika say “Well done! You can pick your car on Friday.”

In response to another tweet by Faith Kwizera that read;

“This is Odong Savior, 8 year old from Unyama trading center, Gulu city. He was born when his head is bigger than his body and suffers from malnutrition! He needs help from good Samaritans so as to receive treatment.”

Owor Paul pledged five hundred thousand in a bid of ensuring the eight year old gets treatment and recuperates.

Similarly, “Diana Mama Kipoli” another tweep was saved from dispair due to frustrating medical bills when Paul Owor flattened the suffocating giant. She couldn’t help but take to her Twitter handle saying;

“Thanks so much @Hustleking01 for the financial assistance/clearing my medical bills. May God bless you abundantly, live long.”

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Paul Owor is also an aspirant for Member of Parliament Busiro South in the fourth coming elections. In addition and his acts of charity seem to speak magnitudes for him since “Mustafa Fatah” a tweep who is not a beneficiary of his kind gestures affirmed in a tweet saying;

A real leader who is trustworthy, plus, morally upright, and the rest, and I reaffirm those elements as mentioned above in @Hustleking01. This is because he is Kawa and making things work in Busiro. In addition not just talking for me you have my vote” he concluded just like many other tweeps.

The politician with a heart of gold still stands as a hero on the cheerful streets of Twitter that have wiped tears off most sad faces an act that shall forever be tagged to him and shall become synonymous to his name.



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Elijah Mutabuza

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