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List of Women that Have Dated and Eaten Weasel’s Cassava

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As the news of Goodlyf singer Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel Manizo assaulting his girlfriend and mother of his children Sandra Teta keep making headlines. We also took this time to bring you Weasels Ex-girlfriends. Those women that have enjoyed his monster cassava.

With the fame and financial status Weasel Manzio accumulated. He also got involved with many various women and some of these women bore him children. It is also rumored that weasel Manzio sired up to 20 children with many different women.

Well, let`s look at them.

Bianca Rusoke

She met Weasel Manizo in around 2009 when the Goodlife singer was having one of his best times in his musical career and she lived with the Goodlife duo for more than 4 years before they broke up. Bianca Rusoke is also known as the woman who came out and exposed fallen Singer Mwozey Radio’s private life and his relationship with Lilian Mbabazi. As for now her whereabouts are unknown.

Sandra Tumi

It is rumored that Weasel Manizo sired a child called Dylan with Sandra Tumi and according to online rumors, the other time Sandra Tumi made news online was when she threatened to dump Weasel after he sired a child with Bianca.

Anita Da Diva

The two were rumored to be dating one another after they made a music Collabo called Wine. Anita Da Diva a musician by occupation known for her debut song Zero Distance that pushed her to the limelight is also rumored to have been Weasel’s girlfriend and that the two enjoyed massive nights under the bedsheets.

Sandra Teta

Sandra Teta is Weasel Manizo current girlfriend and they have been staying together for a long time until the news of Weasel assaulting her made her made news online and at the time of writing this story, she is rumored to have flown back to her country Rwanda. She even came and trashed the assault rumors and said it was thieves that beat her up. On top of that, she asked Danella to leave her alone and be beaten alone.


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