I Was Drugged to Sleep on Kenyan Senga Harriet Scott – One of the Men in the Leaked Foursome Video Reveals

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One of the men who was featured in the viral video having fun with a married pregnant woman Kenyan Senga Harriet Scott now claims that he was drugged on that day. The man who was identified as Kibet said that he regretted ever meeting Harriet Scott, who claims to be a s3xx coach and therapist, a Kenyan Senga.

In his own statement, Kibet said that he was supposed to host Harriet and her husband in his Eldoret house but was planning to go to his family based in Kapsabet. But what surprised him was that Harriet Scott instead arrived in the afternoon with three more men who were identified as Tony and Kim. The whole group shared drinks up until Harriet tabled another drink in a plastic bottle, that is when the misery started according to Kibet.

Men involved in the Foursome

In his ordeal, Kibet said that he drink had a different taste from alcohol which he blames for the start of his cry. It had a different taste from my Ciroc and it was around 3 pm when he blacked out and slept on the couch for more than an hour. He continued to say that he was feeling strange when he woke up past 5 pm and only to find everyone was n@ked and having pleasure.


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They convinced me to finish the drink and taste some powder on the table before joining them. It is clear that at some point in the video, I was defensive and telling them about the curfew because I knew it was wrong” Kibet asserted in his ordeal. After the act, Kibet claims that he received a text from one of the guys telling him to send him fare. The guy also told him to send him Ksh 210,000 or risk his nudes being leaked online.

Harriet Scott

Shocked Kibet says he consumed the issue with his wife at home and she advised him to pay the cash although by the time he was getting the money, the video was already trending online. When he spoke to Harriet about the issue, she joked about it saying that they deserve a share of the Ksh 100 million President Uhuru Kenyatta had promised artistes since we had entertained Kenyans.


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