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How Rumor Mongering Broke the BLU3 Group

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Many years ago, an all girl singing groups from Uganda had the entire country and Continent at their feet. The Black Ladies of Uganda (BLU3) group that consisted of Cinderella Sanyu, Lilian Mbabazi and Jackie Chandiru was put together by the legendary producer Steve Jean.

This was after they won the Coca-Cola Pop Stars TV Show in 2004 in South Africa. The group would which was dubbed Africa’s Destiny Child would go on to release several hits such as Burn, Hitaj among others.

They however failed to stick together for long and after about 5 years fell apart. Cindy Sanyu deserted the group Blu3 first to pursue a solo career. This turned out to be hugely successful and she’s now one of the leading artistes.

Jackie and Lilian stuck together and a third member Mya was added but the group didn’t follow their earlier success. The group was disbanded and Lilian and Jackie also pursued solo careers. They both found relative success but couldn’t emulate Cindy. Lilian concentrated more on family with the late Moze Radio while Jackie saw her career cut short by drugs.

But what really happened to this masterpiece of a group? Well, lots of theories have always flown around on why these parted ways. It was said that the group had disagreements centring on a man, Mario Brunette an Italian photographer.

These were said to be between Lilian Mbabazi and Cindy. Mario would actually go ahead to date Cindy for a number of years. They even sired a daughter together before calling it quits. Jackie however appearing in a local TV interview refuted this. She said that hearsay was the biggest reason why they broke up.

We were all a bunch of young girls while growing up. So, I can’t say that it was Lilian or Cindy that led to the break up. By then, a lot of rumors used to circulate about each one of us. Sometimes we would get angry at one another just because of hearsay but we talked and sorted this out when we met recently,” Jackie said via a local TV interview.

The group however recently revealed how they are set to reunite. It’s however not clear if it will be the original members or with Mya or if it now will be Blu4. Well, that is for now, keep it Times Uganda.


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