PICS and VIDEO: Harriet Scot a Married Pregnant Woman Appears in a Foursome Video, a Must Watch

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Commonly known as Kenyan Ssenga and by real names of Harriet Scot is the person that is currently on a dangerous suicide watch after her videos were leaked having a hot foursome with three men who are said to be of the Kalenjin clan in Kenya. This came after one of the members in the orgy wanted a ransom of 210,000 Kenyan shillings from the celebrated pregnant Ssenga. In addition, which she refused to do and gave him ma go ahead to release the videos.

The raw rehearsal video footage were deliberately leaked for several reasons. In addition, where the video was filmed doing completely unprotected s3x and reckless oral s3x foreplay. However, amidst this HIV/AIDS pandemic, STIs & COVID-19 without financial & or material benefits. In this video, the mother of three and expecting the fourth one was harassed in a rough s3xual act. In addition, which she actually loved and doing all the moves we see in x videos.

Fresh news coming up assert that Harriet Scot is currently on a suicide watch after her family ,members and her in laws saw the video making rounds on social media and her marriage consequently hit the rocks something she can barely explain to anyone and he or she understands. So her close people are currently watching her to stop a possible suicide act.


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In her defense, Harriet Scot asserted that it is true she was involved in the s3xual act with the three men but that would not be bad because she normally hosts s3x marathon parties but the saddest part of it all is that she is the one that fell victim of the circumstance.

“It was a harmless meet up turned rogue I normally host s3x parties and it is normal people are not used to a s3xually liberated married woman, so i ended up pawn and collateral damage in the whole thing am paying the price” Harriet Scot regrets. Although Harriet took her mistake in, but this could not save a thing.


You Want to See the pictures of the real act and the S3xtape of it all? Click on this down link and have yourself the best time.





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