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Feffe Busi ‘Gulu,’ a Journey Destined for the Gulu City

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Ever wondered what transpired when Uganda’s superstar musicians embarked on a journey to Gulu city to meet Operation Wealth Creation boss Gen Salim Saleh?

Well you do not need to wonder and ponder over events anymore as Feffe Bussi took it upon
himself to not only take the minutes of the entire journey but also retell the tale through his
recently dropped ‘Gulu’ song.

Just as expected, the journey starts off from Kampala city after a confirmation from General
Salim Saleh through veteran fashionista Slyvia Owori. A team of superstars starts on the journey
to the Northern city.

A journey to a land so far with a hope so big others hoping for a few millions while others
counting close to billions as losses they incurred during the lockdowns. What can we say, surely
everyone has a budget of their own.

Earlier than the bird that catches the worm, the musicians uncharacteristically assembled for
their journey to the land of milk and honey as General Salim Saleh awaited the convoy of the
city boys.

Feffi Bussi goes on to narrate the occurrences to when the Gulu waitresses were stunned on
learning the giants of the music industry in their midst. Selfies followed by drinks to brighten
the mood.


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Finally the long anticipating meeting transpires, the musicians that had been proud and cocky
now humble like a servant before a king. Plea after plea tabled before the General. With satisfied responses, the team returns to Kampala, a list of the money required for compensation is also drafted.

Such are the tales that reside in the ‘Gulu’ lyrics, listen to it and finally get the entire image of
transpired from Kampala to Gulu.

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