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Bobi Wine Speaks on Betty Nambooze’s health

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Singer cum politician National Unity Platform (NUP) president Hon Robert Kyagulanyi also known as Bobi Wine has given an update on the health of one of his MPs Hon Betty Nambooze Bakireke.

Hon Nambooze fell ill few months ago and was first treated from here Uganda but her health looks to have retaliated and she was flown to the USA to get better treatment.

As an opposition member of Parliament and out spoken, Hon Betty Nambooze the Mukono Municipality legislator, has not faced an easy life. She was abducted and arrested in 2017. After prison she came back using clatches to move saying her bones were fractured during the process of arresting her and she was beaten.

Proof has never been given about her allegation, but ever since then she has been sick all the time. According to Bobi Wine, Hon Betty Nambooze’s health started getting worse after she was arrested by Uganda Police and assaulted. Ever since then she has been sick.

However, he revealed that Hon Betty Nambooze is improving and will soon be back on her feet and ready to move on with the struggle like she used to do before and during her sickness before it worsened.

After our trip to Boston, we drove to New York yesterday to check on Madam Teacher, Hon. Betty Nambooze Bakileke who has been battling illness for several months now. Hon. Nambooze’s health challenges started in 2017 when she was assaulted by Gen. Museveni’s operatives who attacked us in Parliament during the Age Limit debate. I am glad to note that she has made significant improvement. God willing she will be coming back to the frontline soon!,” Bobi Wine said

It should be remembered that, Hon Betty Nambooze is one of the strongest opposition people despite her crossing from Democratic Party (DP) for NUP.

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